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Skylark Paragliding

Skylark Paragliding are the leading BHPA approved specialist flying school in the UK offering Tandem paragliding (or dual paragliding) trial flights and paragliding courses using the dual-seat paraglider.

Dave Lewis is the Chief Flying Instructor and flies the tandem glider. Dave is one of the UK's top tandem instructors, with 20 years of experience and a real love of flying and sharing it with others. A flight with Skylark can offer soaring with birds of prey, climbing in thermals and generally making the very most  of the weather conditons on the day - we will always be in the right place at the right time to make the very best of the day, meaning you will have the best flight possible in the South of England.

You can join our school for an introductory flying lesson on the South Downs of Sussex, close to London and Brighton. A gift voucher for this amazing adventure sport makes a fantastic present for anyone aged between 7 and 93 (so far!)

For the qualified pilot, we offer a variety of tailor made courses to improve your skills, from basic ridge soaring to the finer points of cross country flying. Dual flying with an expert is the best way to learn those seat-of-the-pants skills in minutes rather than years.

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