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About us

Skylark Paragliding is led by Dave Lewis and backed up by some of the best pilots and instructors available who each bring their specialty so we can offer the best paragliding services available.

We have taught paragliding at some of the UK's premier flying schools and have guided pilots on advanced courses in some of the world's most demanding flying locations.

The South Downs is our home area and the experience gained over many years means we are expert in the local sites and conditions.

We are registered with and controlled by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

We do not train beginner pilots - tandem passengers receive our undivided attention. (You can contact us for a recommendation of a good school.)


Dave Lewis:

Age: 43.

Profession: Tandem Paraglider Instructor.

Flying experience: qualified in 1998, flown approximately 2000 hours on paragliders.

Licenses held: (BHPA) Advanced Pilot, Air Experience Instructor, Foot Launched Powered Aircraft Pilot, Hang Glider Pilot, Senoir Coach, Chief Coach (SHGC)

Dave Flies around Sussex just about every day it's possible, either on the tandem or on his sports solo glider. Even if there's no customers he's often flying on the tandem glider, refining techniques and making sure he flies to the highest standard possible.

For the last 10 years, Dave has spent the winter in India, guiding groups of pilots in the Himalayas for about 6 weeks. The rest of the winter is spent in company of other top pilots from around the world exploring some of India's world class flying sites and learning from each countries best practices. Spring in Europe starts with teaching safety training and practicing aerobatics over water in France, all ready for England's Spring-time thermals.


Chris Craven:

Age: slightly excessive.

Profession: part computer engineer, part paragliding instructor.

Flying experience: Qualified in 2000, flown approximately 500 hours on paragliders.

Licenses held: (BHPA) Advanced Pilot, TI, PPL (lapsed)

Chris began his flying career piloting light aircraft around the channel islands, but has since seen the light and has since dispensed with both engines and metal. But he's certainly not forgotten his training and has a knowledge of air law and navigation second to none. He's often to be found teaching beginners at one of the South's premier flying schools, reserving most of his UK flying to an hour on his sports solo at lunch-time.

For the last few years Chris has been with Dave guiding pilots in the Himalayas during the winter, refining both is teaching and his flying skills, including competing in the pre-world championships there in 2005. Chris is also a veteran of many safety training courses, and knows a thing or two about fixing collapsed gliders.

Mark Watts.

Mark needs no introduction to British paraglider pilots. He's a top level competition pilot, who, when he's not standing on a podium, spends his spare time showing how it's done on his local Sussex hills, always flying the furthest and highest.

Starting in 2008 Mark will be flying dual gliders for Skylark, so with Mark and Dave both pushing one another, you can expect some spectacular flights.



Pilot: Mark. Competing for the British Team in the 2005 World Championships.